Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doubling down on my last post

Today, Yawning got bored and quit. Not a HUGE surprise.

He posted this message on the official forums.  Note it's about six paragraphs of "I cleaned house before I quit, had lots of fun, I love all you guys".  And one paragraph contains the following:

As much fun as it has been treating a video game like a gigantic math problem, the fun math is done and what's left isn't all that fun anymore. Raid content is currently uninspired, my beloved spec is plagued by quality of life issues and lackluster performance in PvE, and PvP viability is non-existent. Attempts at providing constructive feedback have been a consistent exercise in frustration.

Aaaaand banhammer.  All his posts deleted, including the entire cat DPS FAQ sticky.

Yawning has been a pillar of the feral community for years.  He took over Toskk's calc, he developed his own simulation program, he posted incredibly useful info on the forums, took over the FAQ when I dropped, he was a virtual one-man advocate for feral DPS in Cata beta, and his work advanced feral theorycrafting by amounts only even possibly matched by Tangedyn, Toskk, and Astrylian.

And instead of taking two fucking minutes to consider what one of the foremost druids in the entire game has to say, he gets moderated with an H-bomb.  Not one iota of consideration for all his prior help - he wasn't even as abrasive doing it as I was! - or work.  Just... bye.  And this is after banhammering Ri (who does almost as much work for feral tanking) for posting a waffle recipe in response to a REAL troll.  What. The. Fuck.

Blizzard are REALLY not making a convincing case for me to resubscribe to the game.  They drove me off with the shapeshift nerf, but they're sealing the deal by being huge jerks to people who contribute immeasurably towards the success of their game.
I'm thinking we should all take the time to mail a nice ASCII finger to with "For the treatment of Yawning" in the subject.  Or, you know, just tell them calmly and reasonably that they're being cockfaced wankers.

I might even start skipping future Blizzard titles now.  If you can't treat your community right anymore, what right do you have to success?


  1. I wrote a pretty long letter to them. Banning Yawning is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. And dammit I needed that sticky. /sad

  2. i got banhammered for a week and also had all of my posts deleted for explaining to someone that the DPS guide was gone because "some idiot CM banned yawning, thus deleting all of his posts including this amazing and wonderful guide".

    pretty crazy.

  3. Jesus Christ, Elle! Keep thy viperous tongue sheathed!

    But seriously, every time I post now, I expect a ban. It feels less like moderation and more like silencing and overreacting. Have you seen their latest comments about feral, and their very latest reasoning for nerfing feral druid PvP?

    "Too much utility and not easy enough to control" sums it up. The utility gained between Cata and Wrath was a 10-sec interrupt, but somewhat-useful healing and worthwhile innervate were eliminated. I bet they're figuring in Stampeding Roar, too, as if it's even worth mentioning.

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